ropp caps, aluminium bottle caps Manufacturers and exporters ropp caps, aluminium bottle caps Manufacturers and exporters
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Welcome to, leading manufacturer and exporter of ROPP Aluminium caps in India

Aluminium Roll-on Pilfer Proof Caps (ROPP Caps)

Internationally accepted Roll on Pilfer Proof Caps (ROPP), made of high quality Aluminium are sealing devices fitted on glass, plastic and metal containers for prevention of pilferage. The pilfer proof seal can be broke with a simple twist, assuring the consumer the purity of the sealed product. Refixing the closure after part consumption of the product ensures that the contents are secured and do not deteriorate or evaporate fast.

ROPP caps has a wider applications in the following industry:

  • Distilleries
  • Pharamaceutical Industry
  • Food Industry
  • Health Care industry
  • Pesticide Industry

We manufacturer the best and internationally accepted ROPP Caps made of quality Aluminium. Our size ranges from 18mm to 53mm. We can also develop any other size based on our customer requirement if quantity is good.

Our wide range of pilfer proof caps comprises of plain, printed and embossed (ROPP) caps that can be availed in plain pattern as well. These pilfer proof caps are manufacturerd with superior grade aluminium sheets. The colour and text printed on the bottle can be customised as per client’s specification.

Aluminium sheets coated and printed in-house, and then cut into strips for further fabrication. Through various conveyors and hoppers, the Caps punched on automatic power presses are sent to knurling machines and further to wadding machines. The whole process is with minimal human intervention and requirement. At the end of the wadding machines, the conveyor leads the finished goods to the packing area and the packing again done with minimal human intervention.

We have immense capacity and latest machineries to produce the best quality caps in our factory. We have also being doing constant innovations and upgradations in ROPP Caps . Our technical is working all the time to develop and create new and innovative caps in most economic way.

We guarantee the quality of our products at competitive price and prefer quantity business on long terms relationship basis.

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